How to Log in to the Office 365 widget to access your MavMail, Outlook calendar, and OneDrive on the D2L Brightspace homepage

How do I access my MavMail, Outlook calendar, and OneDrive from D2L Brightspace?

With the Office 365 single tenet migration in December 2018, we now have new features and upgrades to our Office 365. This includes an integration with D2L Brightspace. This integration allows you to:

  • View your MavMail, Outlook calendar, and OneDrive files from a widget in the homepage of D2L Brightspace
  • Upload files into D2L Brightspace Content directly from your OneDrive (Teachers)
  • Upload files into D2L Brightspace Assignments submission folder directly from OneDrive (Students)

This knowledge article gives you a step-by-step instructions for logging in to the homepage widget. Click the links above to view the knowledge articles for the other features of this integration.

1. Navigate to D2L Brightspace at using Mozilla Firefox browser.

2. Log in with your StarID credentials.

3. On a laptop or desktop computer you will see the Office 365 widget on the right-hand side of the screen below the My Courses and My Basic Course list widget.

4. Click Sign in to your Office365 account.

5. A new tab or window will open. Enter your email address in the text box. Click Next.

  • Faculty and staff sign in with
  • Students and emeriti sign in with

6. You will now see icons for your MavMail, Outlook, and OneDrive. Click the icon to open the service in a new window/tab.

7. You can also choose to display your emails, calendar appointments, and OneDrive files in the widget.

8. Click the down arrow in the gray bar below the icons.

9. Then click the tab you wish to view.

10. Click the up arrow in the gray bar at the bottom of the widget to collapse the display again.

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