How to Install Adobe on a PC

I can't log into Abode? I can't find Adobe acrobat? I would like the Adobe Creative Cloud Suite, how do I get it? I would like Adobe, how do I get it?


  1.  Press the button and type \\mavdisk
  2. Two folders will appear and click on the Software folder.


  1. In the software folder click on the SDL folder and all the MSU software should be listed.



  1. The software will be shown as follows, double click on Adobe.



  1. Click on ADOBE CC, select windows proceed to  select x64 and also proceed to select serial.



  1. Double Click on full suite.



  1. Click on Build and your install will begin.


  1. In summary \\mavdisk\Software\SDL\Adobe\Adobe CC\Windows\x64\Serial\MSU - Full Suite\Build










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