How to Connect to MavLABS

How do I connect to MavLABS? How can I log in to MavLABS? What is MavLABS?

MavLABS allows you to connect to a computer in the University Labs using Remote Desktop Connection. To connect to the a specific computer related to your course follow the procedures below:


  1. Go to the website This link redirects you to the login page to access the MavLABS dashboard. It should look like this:  



Once you sign in with your StarID and password, you will then see the MavLABS dashboard where you can view the list of computers that are available. The dashboard will look something like this:



  1. Next Click on Connect on the specific computer that you want to access. For example: acc-fh139-12 




  1. Click on Download and open the downloaded file. The following dialogue box will pop up: 



  1. Click on Connect and the following dialogue box will pop up:


  1. Enter campus\Star ID and Password and Click OK. NOTE: ab1234cd is used as an example StarID




  1. The following screen means that you are successfully connected to a computer from the labs in the University.