How do I turn in an Assignment in D2L Brightspace?

My instructor has given us an assignment that we need to turn in on D2L in a assignments folder. How do I do that?

Your instructors will use D2L as a tool to turn in assignments, these can be Word documents, PowerPoint Presentations and other items.


1. Log In to D2L Brightspace.

2. Click on the Course that you are turning the assignment into.

3. Click on Assessments.

4. Click on Assignments.

5. You will see Folders for the assignments, find the folder related to the assignment.

6.Click on that Folder.

7. Scroll down to Submit Files.

8. Click on Add a File.

9. Select My Computer to upload a file from your device. Select OneDrive to connect to your university cloud storage through MavMail & Microsoft Office 365

10. Click Upload.

11. Locate and click on the file you want to upload to the folder.

12. Click Open.

13. Click on the Add button.

14. You can Add Comments in the Comments Section.

15. Click the Submit button.


Note: Make sure your file doesn't have any special characters in the title, just letters and numbers.



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