Give a Student Special Access to extended availibility and time limit on a D2L Brightspace Quiz

How do I set a quiz in D2L to give a student time and a half to take the quiz?   How do I give one student an extended due date or access date on a D2L quiz?

1. Edit the Quiz.

2. Click the Restrictions tab.


3. Scroll down, locate the Special Access section, select Allow selected users special access to this quiz.


4. Click Add Users to Special Access.


5. Under the Due Date section, Check Has Due Date and choose the date and time to add an extended due date. This will flag a submission as late if it is completed by a Special Access student after this date and time.


6. Under the Availability section, Check Has Start Date and/or Has End Date and choose the date and time to add extended availability. The Special Access student will only be able to access or take the quiz within these dates.


7. Under the Timing section, select Enforced time limit, then enter the special access enforced time limit.


8. Check Assign alternative grace period, enter the grace period to grant special access to an extended grace period.


9. Check Assign an alternative behavior for exceeding time limit, select the option you wish to grant special access to.


10. Check the box next to the name of the Student(s) you wish to grant Special Access to from the list of Users.


11. Click the Add Special Access button.





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