Forward email in Office 365

How do I forward email in MavMAIL?

This is only meant for use on student accounts.


  1. Log into MavMAIL.
  2. In the upper right corner click on the gear icon.
  3. Then click on View all Outlook settings on the bottom of the sidebar.
  4. This should open the Settings window up.  If you were in email when you did this, then you should have the far left Menu heading Mail preselected for you.  If not please select Mail.
  5. Under the Layout column please click on forwarding.
  6. Under Forwarding select Enable Forwarding and enter a valid email address.
    1. IMPORTANT:  If you enter the wrong email address or typo it and don't have the Keep a copy of forwarded messages your messages will be delivered to the address you entered if it is correct or not and there will be no way of recovering the email.  Either select that option to Keep a copy of the forwarded message or verify the forward works.
  7. OPTIONAL:  If you want to have emails both delivered to your MavMAIL and to the other email address, select Keep a copy of the forwarded messages.
  8. Click Save.
  9. All future messages should start forwarding.
    1. Note for Employees:  This is just for student accounts.  Minnstate plans on blocking and removing forwards in the future for employee accounts due to the content employee emails may contain.

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