FlexSync Classroom: Use Share Screen to improve laptop image quality for Zoom participants

How do I fix the fuzzy illegible screen sharing that my Zoom participants are seeing?


  1. Have Zoom installed on your device. If it isn’t already downloaded and installed it, get the latest version from Zoom. University computers come with Zoom pre-installed starting in 2019.  
  2. Be signed into your University Zoom account. (Sign in instructions)


Sharing Instructions:

1. Retrieve the “Sharing Key” for your meeting. Tap the Zoom Touch Display to unhide this information. The sharing key will be 6 random letters.



2. Open the Zoom application on your laptop, then select “Share screen”.


3. Enter the Sharing Key that you retrieved in step 1, then select “Share”.


Your screen will now be shared with your Zoom meeting participants.


Other Options in Share Screen

To share your computer sound, select “More”, then select “Share computer sound”.