Document Not Printing on University Printer

How do I see my document in my printer queue to see if it is printing or not. Is the printer stalled, jammed, or stopped?

  1. Select Devices and Printers from the Start Menu on your computer.
  2. Right click the printer that you are using.
  3. A box will open that contains the words "See what's printing".
  4. Left click See what's printing.
  5. A box will open that contains your document name, the status, the owner (or who's document is 1st in the queue if there are multiple users that have files printing), the number of pages, size and what time and date the job was submitted.
  6. If there are documents stalled, determine if there is a document that did not print that was entered before your document. That user will have to restart their document, determine why it did not print, or cancel it, if it does not restart.
  7. Other documents, if there are many, may also stall and need to be cleared, or in most cases, they may all print out after the troubled document is removed.

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