Create Groups with Discussions in D2L Brightspace

How do I create groups with separate discussions in D2L Brightspace?

  1. Click the Groups link under Communication.
  2. Click the New Category button.
  3. Enter a Category Name.
  4. Select from the Enrollment Type dropdown menu the style of group you prefer.
  5. Enter in the Number of Groups you want to have based on the Enrollment Type.
  6. Under Additional Options, click the arrow next to Expand the additional options.
  7. Under Create Workspace, check the box next to Set up discussion areas.
  8. Select which forum you wish to put the discussions under, or click New Forum to create a new one.
  9. Select Attach to existing topic and select the topic you wish to put the discussions under, or select Create New Topic to create a new one.
  10. Click the Save button.


You can also watch this tutorial video on creating Groups.

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