Computer not powering on - screen , lights or noise not observed

Why won't my computer power up when it was working earlier?

  1. Check computer for type.
    1. Laptop.
    2. Desktop.


      2. Check for laptop.

    1. Connect laptop to AC adapter.
    2. Verify laptop battery is fully charged.
    3. Dell Laptop Diagnostic and Battery Indicators 


 3. Check for Desktop.

    1. Verify electricity into the computer by making sure other devices power-up in the area.
    2. Verify device is plugged into outlet or surge supressor is functional.
    3. Test out the power charger with another machine to verify it is working properly.


 4. Check surge suppressor to see the circuit hasn't been tripped.

    1. If tripped, push the button or switch to on.

 5. Unplug electrical plug from computer and plug directly into outlet.


      • If computer will still not power up, schedule an onsite visit or computer pickup by calling 389-6654.



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