Class Progress: Customizeable Student Progress Dashboard in D2L Brightspace

What is Class Progress? How can I use it in my classes? How do I customize Class Progress?

Introduction to Class Progress

Class Progress is a customizable learning analytics tool within D2L Brightspace. Class progress can be used to:

  1. Support student success by signaling that a Student is not meeting a requirement or outcome of a course or program.
  2. Provides evidence to the Teacher for informing ongoing quality improvement in course offerings.
  3. Helps students track their own progress in the course and take responsibility for their learning.

Note: Students cannot view other Student's Class Progress, they only see their own. Teachers and Teacher's Assistants can access Class Progress for all Students.


Find Class Progress in D2L Brightspace

You can find Class Progress in the Assessment menu or the Course Admin menu of any course offering:


Customize Class Progress at two levels:

1. Class Progress Overview:

Gives a dashboard view of four customizable indicators for all Students in the course offering. Click the Settings gear icon to customize the indicators.

2. Class Progress Student View:

Gives detailed data insights on more than a dozen customizable indicators for a single student. Click any Student's name from the Class Progress Overview to see the Student View. Click the Settings gear icon to customize the indicators and reports on this page.


Learn More about Class Progress:

To learn more about Class Progress and customizing reports watch these tutorial videos from Brightspace:

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