Cisco Jabber Client

What is the Cisco Jabber Client? How do I use the Cisco Jabber Client it? How can get the softphone tool?

The Cisco Jabber Client is a software or soft phone tool.


The tool allows users to receive and place phone calls from a computer without the need for a IP desk phone. The basic functionally of the tool is that when the client is active on a computer it will receive the call instead of the IP desk phone. Calls can be answered as well as transferred, put on hold and other call functions. Calls can be placed by using a contact search or through the use of a dialing pad. Calls can be placed to outside numbers by dialing 9 just like on the IP desk phones.


  • Jabber Direct - allows for individuals to make and receive phone calls as well as listen to voice mails without the need for a VPN connection.
  • Call Centers - allows for individuals as part of a call center to receive and make phone from one general university number. This requires a VPN connection to run the Finesse companion application.


A provisioning request must be submitted to the IT Solutions Center. The use case request will then be reviewed by IT Solutions.


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