Approve Jamf MDM Profile

How do I approve the MDM Profile approved on a Mac after the Jamf migration?

 The MDM Profile needs to be approved again after the Mac clients are migrated to the new Jamf server.


Here are the steps to do this: 


  1. Launch the System Preferences application on the Mac. It should look similar to this when opened. Select the Profiles preference pane 




  1. The Profiles preference pane should look similar to the image below. Select the MDM Profile in the left hand pane and click Approve in the right hand pane. 



  1. A box you should appear with another Approve button that should be clicked




  1. After the Approve button has been clicked, the Profiles preference pane should look like this. 




The MDM profile has been successfully approved. System Preferences can now be closed. 

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