Life Hacks to Avoid Getting Hacked!

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August 31, 2021 |


Juggling work, school, and home life can be hectic! Staying secure online might seem easy to forget – and can often feel tedious or overwhelming. But cybersecurity doesn’t have to be like that! Here are four life hacks you can do right now to help you keep your accounts safe and practice cybersecurity every day, in the easiest ways possible!


1. MULTI-FACTOR Authentication protects your account for you!

Multi-factor authentication, also known as two-factor authentication is available on variety of other apps, like Facebook and Instagram – just check your security settings on your account.  It only takes a few moments to enable! The best part? Multi-factor authentication does the security work for you. It automatically creates extra protection on your account that requires verification upon sign-in, so no one can access your account but you.


2. Tired of forgetting your passwords? Try passphrases instead.

You've heard of passwords, but what about passphrases? A passphrase can be just as strong as a password, if not stronger! Try choosing a line from a movie or a song lyric and adding unique characters - get creative! This simple hack can help your brain remember while also boosting the security of your account. Follow these tips to create strong passphrases.


3. Multi-task while learning about cybersecurity

Stream the CyberAware Podcast while you do chores, homework, or in your free time to maximize your productivity while also learning about cybersecurity! There are a variety of in-depth episodes featuring special guests. Or, listen to our "Quick Tips" episodes for shorter, easily digestable cybersecurity advice.


4. Sick of spam or junk emails? Report with a magic button!

Reporting pesky junk and malicious phishing emails has never been easier. Clean up your inbox in just a few clicks with the “Report Message” button in Microsoft Outlook. This built-in button helps you quickly report spam emails, so you can keep yourself and the University safe from cybercriminals.


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