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July 19, 2021 |

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In the last couple of years, the esports and gaming industry has been significantly growing. In 2020, the industry’s net worth reached $159.3 billion and is predicted to surpass $200 billion in 2023, according to analytics provider Newzoo. Esports is on the rise at college campuses across the nation, too. Minnesota State University, Mankato's own Mavericks Esports launched with their debut varsity season in Spring 2021. 

With the increasing popularity of multiplayer games, cybercriminals have spotted the trend and are on the prowl – along with gaming trolls and cheaters. The havoc they can cause may slow down your connections, expose your personal information, and even take the entire game offline. Here's how to #BeCyberAware and prevent hacks and attacks while gaming:   


Keep complex passwords  

Keep your passwords strong with upper- and lower-case capitalizations, symbols, and numbers. Change up your password for different gaming accounts, so if one game console or website is hacked, your others aren’t also in danger. 


Enable multi-factor authentication on your accounts  

Multi-factor (or two-factor) authentication is quick to implement while providing a second layer of protection on your passwords. It requires more than one way to identify a person’s sign-on, making it harder for cybercriminals to access your accounts.   


Keep your software up to date 

Make sure to update your software often. This includes not only your device's software, but also your games. Game developers usually provide necessary updates to fix potential vulnerabilities and avoid breaches.   


Don’t use public Wi-Fi  

It may be tempting but avoid using public Wi-Fi when playing online. You have no idea who the network belongs to. It can potentially be a fake hotspot set up to access someone’s data or device.   


Think before you click!   

Be cautious of suspicious links or apps online and in chats, they could contain malicious content. And always think twice about personal information – don’t share it! 


Don’t encourage trolls  

Be mindful when it comes to bad behavior – don’t encourage it or interact. Instead, report it to the game support team. This will keep the interactions safe, ethical, and welcoming to new players! 


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