Undergraduate Admissions

Coronavirus COVID-19 Updates – Admissions

How are we serving students during COVID-19? Learn more on our Coronavirus COVID-19 Updates – Admissions page.

Undergraduate Admissions

Minnesota State Mankato is a university where you can stand out. You will find comprehensive support services, a wide variety of majors to explore and opportunities to excel in and out of the classroom.

Undergraduate Admission Requirements

Applicants who are graduates of accredited high schools (or who hold a GED certificate) with no prior college work will be considered for admission to Minnesota State University, Mankato on the basis of high school courses (including Minnesota State University Preparation Standards), grades, class rank and college entrance examinations (ACT required).

If you are an applicant that has any military training (completion of basic training and after), you will be applying as a Transfer Student.


You will be admitted to Minnesota State University, Mankato if:

  • You rank in the Top 50% of your high school class OR
  • You have a GPA of at least a 3.0 (on a 4.0 scale) OR
  • You achieve a 21 or higher composite score on the ACT exam (with satisfactory GPA)

    If you do not meet the above admission requirements, your application will be reviewed on the basis of strength of college preparation course work, grade point average, probability of success, academic progression, class rank and ACT test scores. Supplemental information may also be requested before an admission decision is made.


Please see the Coronavirus COVID-19 Updates – Admissions page for flexibility on ACT Requirements.

Most students who are currently in high school or who are three (3) or less calendar years ago from high school are required by Minnesota State University, Mankato policy to take the ACT exam. The Office of Admissions suggests that students take the ACT at the end of their Junior year. Students can also take the ACT in their Senior year to try to improve their scores or take it for the first time if they did not take it Junior Year.

The ACT exam may also be required for Transfer students who have less than 24 transferable credits and have graduated from high school within the last three (3) years. Students who have earned a General Education Development (GED) equivalency and who are admissible to Minnesota State University, Mankato are exempt from taking the ACT.

Students must register for an ACT test date by going to ACT, Inc. or picking up an ACT registration packet from their high school guidance or career center. These are the current dates for the ACT exam. Further details are available at act.org.

Currently, Minnesota State University, Mankato is not requiring the optional Writing portion. The student's ACT composite scores (combined English, Math, Science, and Reading subscores) will be considered. Please contact the Office of Admissions for questions.


Students graduating from high school in the previous 3 years are subject to preparation requirements.

  • English: 4 years.
  • Mathematics: 3 years. Requires two years of algebra and one year of geometry.
  • Science: 3 years. At least one course must be in a biological science and one in physical science. All courses should include laboratory experiences. Examples of appropriate courses are anatomy and physiology, biology, botany, zoology, astronomy, earth science, chemistry, physics, physical science and geology.
  • Social Studies: 3 years. At least one course or its equivalent in US history and one in geography are required.
  • World Language: 2 years of the same language. Any language, including American Sign Language (ASL) is acceptable.
  • World Culture or The Arts: 1 year. World Culture courses are non-language courses which teach about other cultures, provide a global perspective, and foster an understanding of other cultures. Appropriate art courses include music, drama, survey, and visual arts courses.


  • If you graduated from high school three or more years ago and have not had any formal schooling since high school, you will be admitted to Minnesota State University, Mankato upon application and proof of high school graduation or satisfactory GED scores.
  • If you have pursued some post-secondary education (college, university, technical school), have been out of school for at least one full year and are now interested in returning to college, you are encouraged to apply to Minnesota State University, Mankato. Your application and transcripts will be reviewed for admission purposes on an individual basis.

Minnesota State University, Mankato is committed to enrolling a diverse student body. Admission is granted without regard to race, color, sex, age, national origin or disability. The institution abides by the provisions of Title IX and by all other federal and state laws regarding equal opportunity.