Gloria Lee, South Korea


Hello everyone! My name is Gloria Lee. I love helping people out and that’s exactly what I am here for in my role as a Maverick Global Ambassador. I will be an active resource for you by answering questions and help you get acquainted with Minnesota State Mankato and the Mankato area. Please feel free to reach out to me if you need guidance, peer-support, resources and advice before and after you arrive at MNSU-Mankato. 

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Major and Year:

I’m a senior in psychology.

Why did you choose this major:  

I think psychological issues and problems in our society is an important and big issue. It is so important to care about mental health. So, I want to understand it and others, and then I want to help people who need help and understand humans with the scientific approach. 


South Korea

Favorite Thing About your Home Country:

I love Korean food and traditional palace architecture. Korean traditional palaces are harmonized with nature, so I can enjoy a different mood and view from each season. 

Why did you choose MNSU:

I choose MNSU because my loved professor recommended this university, and MNSU has a great psychology program and scholarship. Also, Mankato is so peaceful and has good people. Plus, my favorite color is purple and yellow :)

Favorite Memory at MNSU so far:

At MNSU, international student orientations are my precious memories. In the first orientation, I participated as a new student. Many peer mentors and staff help me a lot and also became my friends. I made great memories with amazing people and programs. Also, I was involved in a second international orientation as a peer mentor. I could help others like I got help and be friends. I met many amazing new students. 

Favorite Signature Night and Why:

I love all of the signature nights in MNSU. Especially, I like Asian nights. I can eat Asian food and enjoy various performances. Also, I can meet and mix with many students. 

Favorite American Food:

I love wings and burgers. It is so delicious and so many different tastes. If someone like wings, I wish you try Weggy’s wings with sriracha bourbon sources in university square, Mankato. That’s my favorite.

Favorite Activity to do in the Mankato Area:

I want to suggest winter activity in Mankato. Honestly, winter is not my favorite season, but I like to do snow tubing in Mankato during winter. You can experience free snow tubing for students during the winter event. 

Campus Involvement:

MGA (Maverick Global Ambassador), KSA (Korean Student Association)

Advice for Prospective Students:

I hope you guys use sources which the university provides for students. MNSU has tons of helpful sources that students can use for effective and better university life. If you need some help, just search on the MNSU website or ask people. You can find useful sources and help. 

Future Career Plans:

After graduation, I want to go to graduate school and study more and deeper. Then, I want to be a criminal behavior analyst for a more healthy and safe society. 

If you need help or friends, please just ask me. I really want to be your friends, and I always be here for you without any judgment.

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