Externally Funded Graduate Assistantships

Guidelines for Externally Funded Graduate Assistantship Stipends

Graduate Assistantships funded by sources other than state appropriations or tuition and fees may be funded at a higher rate than the current maximum for university funded Graduate Assistantships. Assistantships eligible for higher stipends include those funded by

  • external grants or contracts;
  • private donations; or
  •  revenue funds (e.g., room and board, ticket sales).

In such cases, stipends will be determined on a case–by–case basis in consultation with the Director of Graduate Studies and the appropriate dean, division head, director, or department chair—taking into account national averages for stipends in the academic discipline (as published by the National Postsecondary Student Aid Survey [NPSAS] or another comparable source) or the relevant administrative area (as published by ACUBO, ACUHO, or another comparable data source).

*Approved by the Graduate Sub Meet and Confer on January 28, 2008
*Approved by Academic Affairs Council on January 30, 2008