Transfer Credits

A maximum of 10 semester credits of graduate credit, all of which must be related to the program, and completed with an earned grade "B" or better, may be transferred from other appropriately accredited colleges or universities into a master's degree program. A maximum of 16 semester credits of graduate credit may be transferred from the other Minnesota State institutions.

To be accepted as transfer credit and applied towards a Minnesota State University graduate degree, the following conditions must be met:

  1. Credit must be from a regionally accredited educational institution.
  2. Credits transferred into an accredited program may need to come from an accredited program.
  3. The courses must be taught by a full–time faculty member with graduate faculty status at the originating university.
  4. The courses must be part of a regular graduate program at the originating university.
  5. Evaluation and approval by the student's Examining Committee.
  6. Evaluation and approval by the College of Graduate Studies and Research.

The following will not be accepted as transfer credit:

  1. Correspondence or similar study.
  2. Individual study.
  3. Credit for courses conducted by proprietary groups.
  4. Extended campus credit from a university that does not accept that credit for its own on–campus graduate programs.
  5. Workshops, Continuing Education Courses and In–Service Training credits.
  6. Courses completed with a Pass/No Pass or a similar evaluation.

Time limit for degree completion

All credit counting toward an Minnesota State Mankato graduate degree, including all transferred credit, must be completed within the six year time limit.