Xochitl Valencia, Twin Cities Admissions Recruiter

Address: 122 Taylor Center
Phone: 507-381-8676
Email: xochitl.valencia@mnsu.edu

Advice to incoming Mavericks:

Take your education abroad! Minnesota State Mankato offers many study abroad programs in almost every region of the world! This is your opportunity to experience first-hand another education system, all while taking in a new culture, making lifelong friends, and seeing the world.

The most frequently played song on your iPod:

"Sunrise" by Norah Jones.

What was your first job:

My first job I was a baby-sitter and I was 16 years old.

What job would you have if you listened to your 6 year old self:

I would be a 3rd grade teacher.

The best thing about Minnesota State Makato is:

The array of student support services, student organizations and activities, and programs of study.

Describe Minnesota State Mankato in one word:


Cookies…crunchy or soft:


When you aren't working what are you doing:


Torch end