Getting Started with Online and Hybrid Teaching

Tips for a Stress-Free First Semester During a Pandemic

Description: Learn some helpful tips to navigate teaching under uncertain circumstances.       
Author:  John Burke 

Troubleshooting Errors in D2L

Description: This 13- minute video shares 5 tips for success in course set up and operation in D2L. 
Author: Christine Pigsley 

Clarity and simplicity in the first days and weeks of class 

Description: This video (4:02 minutes) covers a few key ways in which you can create more clarity for your students (and yourself!) in the first days and weeks of a course.  
Author: Kristi Rendahl 

Change Your Nav bars in D2L: They will save you time and trouble

Description: This 10-minute tutorial shows you the benefits that come with customizing nav bars in your D2L course. 
Author: Christine Pigsley 

Introductory Tips for Effective Course Delivery

Description: As we enter a new year with a fundamental shift in teaching pedagogy, I am here to help you make the teaching and delivery changes needed to become effective. This video will introduce myself and some guiding tips when designing your D2L course." 
Author: Mark Savignano 

D2L Course Tools for Efficient Assessment

Description:  This short video will discuss efficient methods for assessment and highlight D2L course tools that will support this.   
Author: Kate Brau