Effective Communication and Engagement

FlexSync: Office hours and out-of-class support for online students 

Description: This 13 –minute video shares tips on how to hold office hours online, and how to use TEAMS as a Community Support environment.  
Author: Alfredo Duplat 

Sending Welcome Email to Students  

Description: In this short video, I discussed what to include in a “Welcome to class” email for a FlexSync class.  
Author: Lu (Wendy) Yan  

Communication with Students

Description: In this video, we will explore some technology tools that are available to help facilitate communication with your students, such as Bookings and QR Codes. 
Bookings (3:30), QR Codes (10:00) 
Author: Alyssa Delgado 

Communicating through D2L

Description: In this short video, the use of D2L tools (class list, email, and announcements) are demonstrated as part of a process that can be used to facilitatcommunication with students. 
Author: Danaè Quirk Dorr 

Engagement in Zoom

Description: This video provides strategies for building engagement between Zoom and in-classroom learners.   Ideas for collaboration and participation are also provided.  
UPDATE:  Some recommendations in this video require the instructor to be logged in to Zoom on a computer personally during class meetings - and not just use the FlexSync classroom touchpad setup.   A separate login to Zoom by the instructor AND students is required to use breakout rooms and chat with ALL learners - both those in class and those via Zoom.  
Other recommendations in the video don't require this separate Zoom login, so take a look at the video!  The slide deck file is included below as well as a sample "Video Notes" document for students. 
Author: Elizabeth Pluskwik