Best Practices in Online and Hybrid Pedagogy

Strategies to reduce cheating

Description: This tutorial provides some non-technological interventions that you can use to reduce cheating on online assessments. 
Author: Kristie Campana 

The Why of Your Assessment

Description: This tutorial discusses how Bloom’s levels of complexity can relate to the goals and style of your assessment. 
Author: Kristie Campana 

Using Lockdown browser and Respondus to limit academic dishonesty

Description: This video discusses how to use lockdown browser and Respondus with a pre-quiz and the expectations listed in your syllabus to limit academic dishonesty.  
Author: Connie O’Brien 

Student Engagement in Asynchronous Online Courses 

Description: In this short video, I showed how I used “checklist” tool on D2L to engage with students, especially send students to-do-list reminders. 
Author: Lu (Wendy) Yan