Assessment Strategies for Online and Hybrid Learning

Troubleshooting Quizzes in D2l 

Description: This video series contains 4 videos that contain tips on importing questions to the Question library, creating question pools using the question library, copying quizzes, and changing an answer key. 
 Author: Connie O’Brien  

Assessing Students with Qualtrics

Description: This tutorial walks you through ways you can use Qualtrics to test students for understanding. This may be particularly helpful for instructors who wish to use team quizzes to check in on student learning/reading. This tutorial also includes an example qsf file that can be imported into your own Qualtrics account. 
Author: Kristie Campana 

Online Discussions: Maximize Performance and Enhance Assessment

Description: Contents: Intro, Discussion Setup (1:39). Small Groups (6:39), Discussion Roles (8:13), Professor Involvement (9:24), Grading (11:16) 
Author: Angela Monson 

Using Rubrics in D2L Brightspace: Basic Rubric Creation and Use with an Assignment

Description: In this relatively brief tutorial, you will be taken through all the basic steps and features related to creation of a D2L grading rubric and use with an assignment in your course. 
Author: Evan Bibbee