Online and FlexSync Teaching and Learning Faculty Peer Coaches

Faculty peer coaches will work closely with CETL and the IT Solutions Instructional Designers to provide professional development support for peers to build institutional capacity in online and FlexSync teaching and learning. Faculty will examine and gain knowledge about FlexSync pedagogy and tools for campus-wide dissemination.

Faculty Peer Coaches are available to guide:
  1. Development of tutorial and teaching and learning materials
  2. Providing a list of best practices for FlexSync courses.
  3. Meet with your academic department to support FlexSync and online teaching goals.

Faculty Peer Coach 

Email contact 

Kristie Campana 

Sean Fingland 

Dan Moen 

Rama Mohapatra 

Danae Quirk-Dorr 

Kristi Rendahl 

Christopher Veltsos 

Ginny Walters 

Fei Yuan 

Additionally, the Coaches will hold at least two virtual office hours per week for faculty to stop in and ask questions about online teaching and learning.