Student Academic Support Program

Helping instructors balance teaching and technology in FlexSync courses.

The process of transitioning your course to a FlexSync model or synchronous online is challenging, but there are resources to help you make the transition. The Student Academic Support (SAS) program pays students to help moderate Zoom function during each of your class sessions.  These student workers will be matched with instructors within 2-3 days of receiving requests. We suggest that instructors request Student Academic Support workers to ensure that these student workers are prepared to start the Spring Semester's first day. 

If you have any questions or would like to register your course(s), contact Hannah Radcliff-Hoy, Student Academic Support Program Coordinator.


What is the purpose of the Student Academic Support (SAS) Program?

This program provides student workers to help moderate each class session. These student workers are meant to support instructors in maintaining a high level of connection in the classroom, with both the students joining physically and virtually. It will also help instructors maintain the active learning strategies that they know contribute to student success. It will also facilitate the delivery of course content for student learning.

What is a Student Academic Support (SAS) worker?

Once you have requested SAS workers,  you will be matched with student academic support workers who have already been trained in Zoom.  These students are primarily provided to instructors, so instead of focusing on juggling teaching and new classroom technology, they can focus a little more on the teaching aspect.


What type of support will SAS workers provide?

These students will help instructors:

  • Maintain connections with all students in the course
  • Deliver accessible course content
  • Utilize active learning strategies in a more streamlined way
  • Allow instructors to focus more on their content and teaching instead of managing new classroom technology.

How are the SAS workers chosen?

Once an instructor has requested a Student Academic Support worker for your course, the Student Academic Support Program Coordinator will match a student worker based on the class's time and the student worker's availability.

What are the instructor's responsibilities when they have a SAS worker?

Instructors should meet with their Student Academic Support worker as soon as possible after being matched. This meeting should center around communicating the instructor's expectations and their support needs.

What is the process for getting SAS workers for my Course?

  1. You should fill out the brief request form.
  2. The program coordinator will approve your request and match you with an available Student Academic Support worker.
  3. Instructors will receive an email introducing their Student Academic Support worker.
  4. Once a Student academic support worker has been assigned, instructors should schedule a meeting with their student academic support worker as soon as possible to discuss the course.

Do faculty have to supervise these students?

No, the Student Academic Support Program Coordinator will train and supervise all student workers. Instructors are only responsible for reporting any problems with their Student Academic Support workers, including attending the training.


What should I do if I feel that my Student Academic Support worker needs additional training?

If you feel that your Student Academic Support worker needs training on additional technology. You should contact the Student Academic Support Program Coordinator to discuss the training needs you have for your course.