Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning Summer Programs

April 21, 2021 |

This summer, we are offering a variety of certificates to support teaching and learning on our campus. We invite faculty, staff, adjunct instructors, and graduate students to consider joining our programming.


Summer Certificates and Programs


Shut Up and Write Summer Program

Join faculty and staff from across campus for a 6-week shut up and write program on Tuesdays from 2:00-3:00 pm from May 18- June 22. Bring whatever project you are working on for some positive peer pressure to dedicate space and time to work. This program will be offered in a FlexSync model with physical meetings happening in the CETL Center.

Differentiating 400/500 Level Courses (online asynchronous course)

If you teach a 400/500 course, you must clearly differentiate the two sections with separate learning outcomes, assignments, grading criteria, and even separate syllabi. CETL has a short asynchronous online course to help you learn how to make these distinctions easily. Certificates of completion are awarded to faculty who complete the online course and implement one or more techniques. The course consists of three modules and takes 30-45 minutes to complete.

FlexSync Certificate - D2L Course

If you are planning a FlexSync course or are revamping a FlexSync, CETL is offering asynchronous training on teaching in FlexSync. 
Modules in this course include:
  • FlexSync Course Delivery
  • FlexSync Design and Management
  • Synchronous Student Engagement
  • Asynchronous Student Engagement
  • Tools for Assessment
  • Classroom Technology
  • Student Academic Support Program

Flipped Classroom

A flipped classroom is an approach that moves group learning to an individual space and uses group space as an opportunity to engage in dynamic interactive activities where students are guided to apply concepts in a creative way.
  • Week 1: What is a flipped design and blended learning?
  • Week 2: Changing students expectations
  • Week 3: Learner-centered teaching
  • Week 4: Tools and assessment strategies

Synchronous meetings will be on Thursdays, June 6-June 24, from 9:30-10:30 am.

Graduate Student Writing Group

Graduate students working on writing projects during the summer can register for a 6-week program that will use the Pomodoro technique for writing. This technique uses a timer to break work into intervals, separated by small breaks. This group is designed for graduate students to gather and get some community to encourage and write together. 


This program will take place on Saturdays, May 22- June 26, from 9 am-11 am. 

Student Academic Support Program

Are you teaching FlexSync or Synchronous online summer session, and feel like you could use a little more support? This program provides student workers in courses to help instructors run Zoom functions in the classroom. 





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