Book Discussions

Book Discussion Groups meet 3-5 times to explore a variety of themes related to teaching, learning, productivity, balance, and inclusion. CETL will provide the books. You provide the ideas, engagement, and collegiality.

Spring 2021 Book Discussions

Against Common Sense: Teaching and Learning Toward Social Justice by Kevin Kumashiro

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The phrase "teaching for social justice" is often used, but not always explained. What does it really mean to teach for social justice? What are the implications for anti-oppressive teaching across different areas of the curriculum? Drawing on his own experiences teaching diverse grades and subjects, Kevin Kumashiro examines various aspects of anti-oppressive teaching and learning in six different subject areas. Connecting practice to theory through new pedagogical elements, the revised edition of this bestselling text features:

A new and timely preface that considers the possibilities of anti-oppressive teaching and teaching for social justice in the face of increasing pressure from both the Right and the Left to accept neoliberal school reform policies.

End of chapter questions that enhance comprehension of arguments, help concretize abstract ideas into classroom practice and encourage critique. 

A sampling of print and online resources that will inspire students to further their social justice education 

This Book Discussion will meet on the 1st Wednesday of every month: 2/3; 3/3; 4/7; 5/5 from 2:30-3:30 pm.