Social Distancing

Social distancing is being implemented through the following engineering and administrative controls:  

  • Employees, students, and visitors are asked to maintain the MDH and CDC recommended physical distancing guidelines between all individuals.
  • Employees, students, and visitors should avoid gathering in groups and confined areas, including elevators.
  • Employees, students, and visitors should avoid using others’ personal protective equipment, phones, computer equipment, desks, cubicles, workstations, offices or other personal work tools and equipment.
  • University vehicles will only be signed-out to single occupants and cleaned and disinfected after use.
  • Sharing of items is discouraged and individuals are asked to use good hygiene practices and regularly sanitize items that must be shared.
  • Classroom, lab and office furniture layouts will be reviewed and modified to increased distance between seating and lab and workstations. The use of barriers may be employed when spacing cannot be increased by other means.

Reporting Concerns

Students who wish to report concerns or issues about hygiene and respiratory etiquette can contact the Student Affairs Office at or (507) 389-2121.

Employees who wish to report concerns or issues may do so by contacting the Provost’s Office at