Event Guidelines

Our goal is to work together to build a safe community that celebrates co-curricular learning and fun.

The COVID-19 pandemic offers new challenges as we consider the safest way to connect with one another on campus. As we prepare for a new academic year, our goal is to innovate and create new ways to build an invigorating living and learning community that puts safety first.

Event Guidelines (PDF Download)

Space Requirements

The size of the venue influences the number of participants that can safely attend an event. It is important to have adequate space to enable physical distancing of 6ft or more. Since attendance at events is often fluid, each event should have a door monitor to maintain an accurate count of attendees for the duration of the event. Signage should be used across campus to accurately designate room capacities.

Event Assessment

In addition to the venue size, the event type may influence the likelihood of disease spread. It is critical to ensure that the expected interaction is consistent with appropriate physical distancing. These questions provide a quick assessment to help determine the potential risk factors:

  1. Can you predict the behavior of the participants at the event?
  2. Will you be able to provide direction to your event participants?
  3. Will you be able to control participants, if need be, at your event?

Venue Set-Up

  • When possible, create separate entrance and exit doors.
  • Chairs must be set up with 6 ft of physical distancing - front to back and side to side. The CSU may create pre-existing limited room set-up options to maximize seating within specific areas.
  • It is recommended that an advisor or staff member should be present at all events with larger audience capacities (ballroom, auditorium, etc.)
  • Use a "No Mask=No Entrance" policy.
  • Ensure that invited guests, performers, and off-campus attendees understand the campus rules about mask wearing and physical distancing. Long-term pre-planning will be essential, especially for events inviting the general public.
  • Provide directional arrows to encourage physical distancing traffic flow for participants.

Special Guidance About Outdoor Events

Outdoor events provide the best ventilation and capacity for physical distancing. If you are planning an outdoor event, be sure to provide accommodations for attendees that may have accessibility needs. For example, if the event is on a grassy area, can a wheelchair safely navigate the terrain? Even though your event is outside, continue to require masks for participants.

Monitoring, Intervention & Sanctions

Since we are all working together to keep each other safe, you can expect a staff member to stop in to your events to see if you need any help or have questions. If you have difficulty with attendee compliance, the Student Union or Security staff will be available to help. An event that is not in compliance with these guidelines may be terminated and the event sponsor may face suspension of reservation privileges.


  • Dining Centers should serve individually plated meals when possible. Self-serve stations should be eliminated.
  • Current social distancing recommendations should be in place with at least a six-foot distance between people (chairs) as well as six-feet between tables.
  • Students, staff, and faculty must wear face coverings while on campus, and especially when inside buildings, unless eating or drinking.
  • Provide a higher level of grab-and-go options in retail operations. All self-serve options should be eliminated. Special precautions must be implemented for self-serve fountain beverages, and cup and lid distribution.
  • When catered food is offered at an event, encourage pre-packaged boxes or bags for each attendee instead of a buffet or family-style meal. No self-serve buffets will be permitted. If a buffet is chosen for an organizational or departmental event, Dining Services MUST do the serving. Buffets are fully at the prerogative of the client. Individually plated meals are encouraged. The use of disposable or single use utensils and plates are to be used as frequently as possible. Leftover food items will not be distributed to students.
  • Potluck meals will be suspended as a campus option until further notice.
  • RSO’s, Residence Hall groups, and others using the Dining Contract option of providing food for organizational meetings (up to $75) must use commercially prepared products. Only individually packaged commercial food items should be used. Proper and safe food handling guidelines must be followed. Food handling procedures should include gloves, one person handling the food, plates, and always maintaining proper social distancing.

Not Permitted

  • Bake sales will be suspended. No homemade baked items should be shared.
  • Sharing of food items such as snacks, candy, and other food items which are not individually wrapped.
  • The use of the CSU kitchen by cultural organizations for food events will be suspended. The Multicultural Center kitchen is temporarily closed. Residence Hall floor kitchens will be locked, but accessible through the front desks. Only two students will be permitted to use them at one time.

Please note: Individuals who are invited to departmental or organizational events with food, should not feel obligated to attend if they are uncomfortable with any of the above. A virtual option for attendees should be considered.