Student Notification Process

Students are required to complete the self-screening tool on a daily basis prior to coming to campus.

This assessment is not meant to take the place of consultation with your health care provider to diagnose or treat conditions. If you are in an emergency medical situation, please call 911 or your local emergency number.

Daily Self-Screening

  1. If you take the COVID-19 screening assessment and receive a message that you are not authorized to come on campus.  You should:
    • Self-quarantine immediately
    • Monitor your health, contact your healthcare provider as needed
      • A COVID Healthcare Hotline is available at Student Health Services at (507) 389-5591.
      • Additional community resources are available.
  2. If the medical advice is to get tested, the student should isolate until test results are received.
  3. If the test result is positive for COVID-19, then the student should call the Campus Reporting Hotline at (507) 389-2030.
  4. If the medical advice is to quarantine due to symptoms or exposure, the student will quarantine for 14 days according to MDH guidelines.


  • For questions about symptoms, testing, or risk of COVID-19, call the Student Health Services COVID Healthcare Hotline at (507) 389-5591.
  • Contact your faculty members to inform them that you will not be attending class.
  • Students living in University housing should contact Residential Life to arrange accommodations for isolation/quarantine at or (507) 389-1011.
  • Students that need assistance with services should contact the Student Affairs Office at or (507) 389-2121.
  • For general questions, contact the Provost’s Office at or (507) 389-1333.

Isolation and/or Quarantine Accommodations

Students living in university housing should contact Residential Life to arrange accommodations for isolation and/or quarantine. Isolation rooms will be available for students who have tested positive for COVID-19 and have been told by a health care provider to release this information to Residential Life. Quarantine rooms will be available for students who have been notified by Department of Health that they were in contact with a COVID-19 positive person or the student’s health care provider notified Residential Life that the student needs to quarantine.

Other Important Reminders

A suspected case or notice of a positive COVID-19 is serious and calls for action. At the same time, there are some additional privacy matters that are important to keep in mind.

Reporting is Encouraged

Each individual with a positive COVID-19 case is encouraged to notify the University of their positive test result by calling (507) 389-2030. If you choose not to report your positive test results, the Minnesota Department of Health may report this to the University on your behalf following a consultation.

Health Status is a Private Matter 

Each individual’s health status is a private matter, and no one should publicly declare someone as sick. In the event others need to be notified of a suspected or positive COVID-19 test result, the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) will provide guidance on how to do that. Do not notify classes, office colleagues, student clubs, teams, etc. of positive cases unless with specific guidance. 

Do Not Require Doctor's Notes

Current MDH recommendations include self-quarantining if you have contact with a COVID-19 positive person. With the fluidity of the health of our community and the demands on healthcare providers, students and employees may not have doctor’s notes to share. For the Fall 2020 semester, please extend some grace to students and colleagues who report being COVID-19 test positive. This is also true if someone has contact with someone who has COVID-19.