Who Qualifies to Return to Campus?

The University already has approximately 20% of our staff working on campus (e.g. maintenance workers, IT staff, Residence Life staff, etc.) These employees will be expected to continue working on campus.

With full implementation of FlexSync, the University will phase our transition of staff back to campus with full adherence to CDC guidelines and recommendations from the Minnesota Department of Health.

All University staff will be phased in after receiving guidance from the Minnesota State System Office; and will be based on each department’s Return to Learn Department Questionnaire.

Each phase includes the requirement of wearing face coverings; and maintaining social distancing requirements through each phase of returning employees to campus.

The intention is that supervisors will give a reasonable notice period (e.g. two weeks whenever practical) so that affected employees can make the necessary personal arrangements to prepare for the transition. If the situation around the pandemic shifts unexpectedly, supervisors will provide adjusted notice as soon as possible.

PHASE 1. A limited number of employees needed to implement FlexSync course delivery, and a limited number of admissions staff who deal directly with students and their families. This may include some faculty, IT professionals, student workers, and other academic and student support staff. This is anticipated to be in early to mid-July.

PHASE 2. Returning faculty who were not in Phase 1 according to scheduled duty days, all remaining student-facing employees, and staff and student workers required to support them. This is anticipated to be in late July or August.

PHASE 3. All remaining University staff and student workers. This is anticipated to begin sometime after the start of the Fall term; and will continue into the future depending on each department’s Return to Learn Questionnaire.

Each department’s Return to Learn Questionnaire will guide our transition of employees back to campus. Each department’s circumstances are different. However, each position’s impact on students will be an important factor in the sequence of returning employees. Employees are encouraged to speak with their supervisor as to how their department’s Return to Learn Questionnaire affects their timeline for returning to campus.

It is important to note that if transmission of COVID-19 becomes significant on our campus or other work sites, the University may determine that employees who have transitioned back to campus need to return to telecommuting for a period of time. Changes to an employee’s work location due to COVID-19 conditions will be made under the direction and guidance of Minnesota Department of Health.

If an employee who has been directed to return to work on campus has concerns about doing so due to a medical condition or other factors that place them at higher risk, or if employees wish to seek ADA reasonable accommodations related to returning to the workplace, they should contact Human Resources.

The University is committed to being as reasonable as possible to help all our employees return safely to serve our students. Employees who have concerns about returning to campus outside of a medical condition should contact their immediate supervisor to discuss strategies to address their concerns. Faculty should contact their Dean. The supervisor, Human Resources, and University leadership will work with each employee on an individual basis to assess their concerns and explore solutions that meet the needs of the employee, the University, and our students.