Leadership and Action Teams

A successful structure will assure a timely and transparent planning process.

graphic representation of the planning structure outlined in text below

Leadership Teams

We will have two leadership teams.

  • The Return to Learn Decision Committee will serve as the senior decision-making body.
    • Co-Chaired by President Davenport and Interim Provost Cecil
    • Cabinet (Responsible for Divisional/Unit Continuity of Operation Plans)
    • Decisions informed by Return to Learn Advisory Committee
  • The Return to Learn Advisory Committee will recommend solutions and report to the Return to Learn Decision Committee.
    • Co-Chaired by Interim Provost Cecil and Vice President Akey
    • Return to Learn Action Team Leads, Pandemic Operations and Tactics Team, and Subject Matter Experts
    • Advisory capacity informed by Divisional Continuity of Operation Plans
    • Guides planning based on scenario adjustments and timelines
    • Coordinates work of Return to Learn Action Teams and campus communications

Action Teams

Action Team Members (PDF Download)

The Return to Learn Advisory Committee will be supported by:

  • Return to Learn Action Teams
    • Student Learning: Academic/Curriculum/Course Offering Strategy
      • Interim Provost Cecil, Vice President Johnson and Vice President Akey
    • Student Life: Campus Life Strategy
      • Vice President Morris and Vice President Jones
    • Employee: Return to Workplace Strategy
      • Vice President Straka and HR Director Barrett
    • Financial Strategy
      • Vice President Straka
    • Communications/Marketing/Enrollment/Advancement Strategy
      • Vice President Stanley
    • Partnership/Cont. Ed. and Cust. Training/Comprehensive Workforce Solutions Strategy
      • Interim Provost Cecil
  • Pandemic Operations and Tactics Team
    • Vice President Jones

The Return to Learn Advisory Committee will create additional Return to Learn Action Teams as needed.