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Breakfast Networking Series

for Thought Leaders & Young Professionals


The Breakfast Networking Series for Spring 2020 is focused on professional and personal growth that will help you and your networks gain new insights and develop innovative strategies to drive results.

If you are an emerging leader, a current leader looking to grow and learn, a young professional, and/or someone who loves to learn new things, this is the perfect event for you!

Come eat breakfast, meet new people, and learn amazing new things!


Breakfast Series Schedule:

7:30 AM: Breakfast and Networking begins
8:00 AM – 8:45 AM: Keynote Presentation
8:45 AM – 9:00 AM: Wrap-up - Q/A

The Heroic Journey draws from Joseph Campbell’s work and from cultures around the world.  The model offers us a valuable perspective on the cycle of life and learning.  It can be a critical key to negotiating the road map of our lives, helping us interpret the landscape, symbols, and contour lines of the paths we are on. 

Many of us are facilitators of experience.  As leaders, we are often asked to help people make sense of their choices, to be more aware of how they respond to what happens to them in real life.  The Heroic Journey is a useful starting place for deeper conversations with Emerging Leaders as well as our peers.  The Heroic Journey challenges us as practitioners to better understand the journeys we are on and the choices we have made, that we might serve as allies for others we meet along the way.

This 45-minute presentation introduces key elements of the Heroic Journey model, incorporates a Ted-X talk, and focuses on ways to develop a mindset and action steps which encourage reflection, resilience, and realistic optimism in times of uncertainty.

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Peter Bailey, President of the Prouty project 

As President, Peter specializes in engaging business leaders and teams in transformational leadership experiences which enhance their skills, systems, and processes for working better together.

He is a multi-faceted experiential designer and facilitator who has delivered 30 years of education-based adventure and innovative training to executives and management teams around the world.

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REGISTER for February 20th: Your Life…Your Heroic Journey!

Do you know how others perceive you as a leader?  Have you created your own brand platform?  How are your social media sites influencing your leadership brand?  At this interactive workshop, you’ll gain insight and self-awareness into your individual brand and its external perception. 

You’ll work with two career experts and executive coaches who will demonstrate:

  • A personal brand exercise to begin the development of your brand platform
  • An introduction to an online brand audit
  • The importance of alignment between individual and organizational brands

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Maureen O’Malley Rehfuss, President & Executive Coach
'Maximizing Potential'
Maureen understands the importance of unlocking individual and team potential. As a former Human Resource Executive, she has a unique blend of professional experiences working with leaders and teams at all levels to maximize potential and create sustainable change. Candid with compassion and a sense of humor, Maureen helps client see things through a different lens and work on what matters most.
With over 30 years of experience in midsize organizations growing through acquisition and mergers, Maureen is uniquely positioned to work with individuals, leaders, and teams on navigating change. Through a deep understanding and first-hand knowledge of the complexity her clients are experiencing, she brings warmth and authenticity to set the stage for open dialogue.
Maureen has contributed in a variety of areas, including executive human resources leadership, organization redesign, change management, talent management, leadership development, and operations consulting. She believes in a collaborative, systemic approach to individual and organizational development. Her background includes professional services in communication, consulting and engineering, high and low-tech manufacturing, and financial services. Maureen is President and owner of Career Partners International, Twin Cities, a talent management consultancy.

Education and Coaching Certifications:
Maureen holds a Master’s in Industrial Relations from Loyola University in Chicago and a Bachelor of Science degree in Business from Marquette University. She has extensive experience coaching and on boarding leaders and she received her executive coaching certificate from the University of St. Thomas in 2018.

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Tamara Tasche, M.S., L.P.
Executive Coach
VP of Executive & Transition Services
'Promoting Growth throughout the Leader’s Journey'
Tamara specializes in coaching executives throughout the full employment experience – from executive onboarding to coaching and development, and through transition to new employment. As a warm and engaging coach, she leverages solid assessment abilities, a talent for structuring process and action steps, a systems perspective, and well-honed coaching skills to inspire growth and to support her clients in selecting and implementing purposeful behavior that will produce desired results.
As the VP of Executive and Transition Services for CPI Twin Cities, Tamara leads the executive coaching, onboarding, assessment, and transition practice areas. Recognized as a thought leader in creating meaningful coaching and transition experiences, Tamara develops and delivers customized and personalized services that are differentiated in the marketplace and that leads to success. She built the CPI executive coaching practice from the ground floor, creating the process and tools, and selecting and training the coaches.  Tamara works with clients from small, privately-held enterprises to Fortune 500 companies. Previous employers include Personnel Decisions International (PDI), RSM McGladrey, and Edison Brothers Stores.

Tamara is currently a member of the Board of Directors and the Executive Committee for Avinity Senior Living. She is also a member of the Board of Directors for the Minnesota HR Executive Forum.

Education and Coaching Certifications:
Tamara is a Licensed Psychologist in the state of Minnesota. She earned a Master of Science degree in Psychology from St. Louis University and has completed considerable postgraduate education in Organizational Psychology. She obtained her coaching certificate through New Ventures West. She is a Certified 360 Reach Personal Branding Coach. She has been trained in and has developed expertise with numerous assessment tools, including several 360-degree feedback instruments.
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REGISTER FOR MARCH 19th: Build An Impactful Personal & Digital Brand

Nearly all significant leadership and HR trends of 2020 are centered on a single key understanding that continues to elude leaders. In fact, this understanding represents the biggest gap in leadership for most organizations.

What is at the center of these 2020 trends?

  • Creating positive cultures,
  • Personalized learning and development plans
  • Improving change readiness
  • Unlocking the potential of teams
  • Developing mid-level leaders
  • Creating brand advocates

This session will focus on the biggest gap in leadership which is a single understanding that can be used to impact all of these key 2020 trends…simultaneously.

Dan Neitz profile.jpg
Dan Neitz, Speaker, Facilitator and Coach with COR
Dan Neitz, Principal at COR, is dedicated to creating innovative ways for leaders to develop themselves and their teams. His educational background includes an undergraduate degree in mechanical engineering with graduate work that includes a masters in counseling psychology and an MBA. His professional background includes 20+ years in technical sales and product management. In 2015, Dan narrowly survived a near-death experience which now deeply informs his work. COR, which is Latin for heart, brings a unique perspective to helping leaders grow their ability to motivate, foster engagement and drive results.
About COR
Leaders who can blend individual and organizational values in a balanced way are the ones that succeed. Founded in 2017, COR is latin for heart. Combining principles from engineering, sales and psychology, COR brings a unique understanding to help leaders grow their ability to motivate, foster engagement and drive results.
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REGISTER FOR April 16th: The Biggest Gap in Leadership Hides in Plain Sight

Find out how privacy is regulated at the US Federal and Sate level. Understand how the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and its impact on Privacy Laws in other countries such as the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) and a new Privacy Law in Brazil (LGPD) which both take effect in 2020. CyberSecurity standards and Minnesota Security Breach Notification Requirements.

Brent Bidjou profile.jpg
Brent Bidjou, Esq, CIPP/US, CIPM, PLS 
Brent Bidjou is a Minnesota and New York licensed attorney with 15 years of experience as Privacy Counsel for prominent global companies which include FICO, GE, ManpowerGroup, Ameriprise Financial and Pearson, PLC. Brent is currently a Consultant to the Global Privacy & Data Protection Program at Medtronic at the company's Operating Headquarters in Fridley, Minnesota.

Brent is the first Minnesota lawyer to hold the new Privacy Law Specialist (PLS) designation jointly accredited by the IAPP, the American Bar Association and the Minnesota Board of Legal Certification. He is a frequent speaker on Privacy Law topics at Attorney Continuing Legal Education programs. 

REGISTER FOR May 14th: Global Privacy Law and Cybersecurity Update

More to come on this. Please check back later. 

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