Achieve: Success Program for First-Year Students

What is the Achieve Program?

The Achieve program is designed to facilitate the successful transition of first-year international students at Minnesota State University, Mankato. Kearney Center staff and student peer mentors will oversee the execution of the program to ensure a professional and meaningful experience.  

The program will focus on academics, social engagement, and community service.

What will I do as part of the Achieve Program?

Through art crafting and community building with first-semester freshmen, you will explore such important workshop topics as values and personality, adjustment, relationships, health, service, community engagement, and leadership. You don’t need to be good at art to participate! Art crafting doesn’t require any art skills, rather, it is meant to help students comprehend the workshop topics and learn how they apply to their everyday life. 

The focus of your participation will really be about self-reflection and expanding your personal and academic development by coming together with peers.   

The program will focus on academics and social engagement.  

Who will support me while in the program?

Each student will be assigned a student peer mentor to support their successful completion of the program. Peer mentors chosen for this program have already experienced what new students may be experiencing now.

Participants can expect peer mentors to empathize, encourage, motivate, and inspire. They will be equipped to lead students toward academic resources, volunteer opportunities, and social experience. They will also provide helpful advice based on their own personal experiences adjusting to the American classroom and life in the U.S.

What are the goals of this program?

Program goals of the Achiever Program for First Year Students are to further develop student success skills, build in the expectation of academic success and provide personal, peer support to each new incoming student.

  1. Learn about and identify MSU Mankato resources available for student success, both in and outside of the classroom
    Students will attend 4 of 6 workshops in the following topic areas.
    1. Time Management
    2. Learning Styles
    3. Immigration
    4. Citing Resources
    5. Getting Involved
    6. Employment and Finances
  2. Engage students in meaningful community service events that help students make connections with faculty, staff and non-University community members
    1. Students will complete 10 hours of community service with their fellow first-year students. They will learn about community resources and make connections around Mankato. Students will be required to show proof of their volunteer experiences.
    2. Peer Mentors will organize 2 different weekly community service opportunities for students.
  3. Create awareness of U.S. faculty/staff/student relationships
    Students will become aware of campus service resources by meeting the following:
    1. Each of their course instructors and professors
    2. Academic advisor
    3. Immigration advisor
  4. Promote intercultural learning and friendship with fellow Mavericks
    1. Attend social hours hosted by Achieve staff. Each social hour will focus on a specific topic relevant to the students’ transition to MSU or serve as a connection opportunity.
    2. Attend at least one meeting with a Recognized Student Organization (RSO). If students wish to visit one of the international or cultural RSOs, the RSO visited must represent a country or culture different from his/her own country.

How do I get involved?

When you arrive at Minnesota State Mankato, you will be given specific directions on how to sign up for this awesome opportunity.