Social Security

Please read through all information on this page or in the Social Security Application before starting the process.

You must have a job offer before you can get a social security number.

If you have an on-campus job offer and need a social security card, please follow these steps: 

STEP ONE: Have your employer fill out the Employment Verification Form 

STEP TWO: Bring your completed Employment Verification Form to the Kearney Center for a signature 

STEP THREE: Fill out the Social Security application 

STEP FOUR: Take the following documents to the Social Security Office:

  1. Completed Employment Verification Form
  2. Completed Social Security Application
  3. Original immigration documents (I-20, Passport, Visa and I-94)

STEP FIVE: Bring your receipt (a letter) from the Social Security office back to the Kearney Center. Kearney Center staff will help you complete the work permit process.