Summer Activities in Mankato

Maverick Global Ambassador, Shreyam, shows students some of the great activities available to them in Mankato!

July 13, 2021 |

Written by Shreyam Ranjan (India)

Mankato is a truly natural and beautiful town. There are so many places to explore if you love nature and love to hike. When I am not in class, I usually go to Minneopa Falls, which is 15 mins from campus, and enjoy the beauty of nature and the sounds of the waterfall gushing down.

I love to explore around so being able to go to Minneopa falls and enjoy the scenic nature which makes me so happy. Minneopa park was established in the 1960s and is divided into two parts. The larger northern part lies along the Minnesota River. Here you will find the campground, hiking trails. I usually enjoy having my lunch near the first smaller falls and be amazed at the large second falls from the overlook, or be adventurous and hike down to their base. From the parking area, it is a short walk to an overlook of the falls. A bridge crosses the creek between the two drops. The trail gives a scenic view of the waterfall. It is worth the $7 state park entry fee!

Shreyam at minneopa falls in summer

Shreyam at minneopa falls in summer

shreyam visiting the falls in winter

shreyam visiting the falls in winter

Another cool spot I enjoy visiting is the Riverfront Park & Amphitheatre. This park was founded in 1852, and today is the birthplace of industrial and commercial places in Mankato. This spot has an amazing view of the Minnesota River and I love just sitting there and doing my assignments. Riverfront Park is about 8 mins from campus, and it is a must spot to visit.

river front view

Can you believe that Mankato has a dam? Mankato has a dam called Rapidan constructed in the 1910s-1911s by the Ambersen Hydraulic Construction Company of Boston contracted by the consumer's Power Company of Chicago. Rapidan Dam is located off County Road 9. It is 19 mins away from Campus. While there, explore the Rapidan Dam Store, where you can truly enjoy their fresh homemade famous pies. My favorite pie is the blueberry pie. If you do visit there, don't forget to bring cash - they don't accept cards!

rapidan Dam

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