Reinforce Your Academics through Campus Employment

Using the qualifications he has acquired thus far, Yeabsira hopes to continue his proficiency by becoming a teacher’s assistant and joining other volunteer opportunities at the mayo clinic in the couple of semesters I have left.

June 14, 2021 |

My name is Yeabsira Dessie, and I am currently a junior at Minnesota State University Mankato. I am presently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry to complete my pre-med requirements and embark on my way to med school. After fulfilling my pre-med degree at Minnesota State Mankato, I aspire to transfer to Mayo Clinic School of Medicine. In pursuit of this career path, I hope to improve my community’s health quality conditions and motivate others to follow in my footsteps. After becoming a doctor, I also want to specialize in gynecology. 

It is never easy coming from a third-world nation to learn in one of the world’s most renowned countries. When I first came into the United States to learn biochemistry at Minnesota State University Mankato, I had dreams of volunteering, shadowing, joining different campus clubs and activities but everything was easier said than done. In the second semester of my sophomore year, I landed a job as a Tutor. It was the greatest job anyone could ask for, and while working as a tutor and helping my peers from different socio-economic backgrounds achieve their goals, I created connections that would change my life. Even though my tutoring experience was cut short due to inadequate funding, I acquired companions that helped me find different volunteer programs such as Echo Shelf.IMG_6019.jpg

In a couple of months, I applied to become a Maverick Global Ambassador and an event coordinator in International Student Association. I got accepted to both extra-curricular activities, but I did not rest there as I kept on finding things to better myself. In pursuit of this, I found the Honors Program and enrolled in it too. Since then, I have immensely benefited from it as I am developing my leadership, global citizenship, and research skills all in one. I am also currently working on a research program with my biochemistry professor - Dr.Charles Krois. 

Using the qualifications I acquired thus far, I hope to continue my proficiency by becoming a teacher’s assistant and joining other volunteer opportunities at the Mayo Clinic in the couple of semesters I have left. Everything from my first tutor job to being a research student depended on the fact that Minnesota State Mankato has numerous international students ready to help whenever possible. These international students share their experiences so that one can learn from another’s mistake. In the end, I will also these steps I have taken as a stepping stone towards achieving my career goals. 

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