My Experience as an Intern at Maud Borup

Transfer student, Jacqueline Asplund, shares her experience with her internship at a local candy factory!

May 25, 2021 |

Written by Jacqueline Asplund (Sweden, Manufacturing Engineering Technology), Maverick Global Ambassador

And to whoever is still seeking their unique internship - do not give up believing in yourself, and maybe you will have a visit from the White House in the near future too.

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I moved to California in 2016 to attend Foothill College. Two years later, I decided to transfer to Minnesota State University Mankato with a major in Manufacturing Engineering Technology. I am a senior who just graduated. After graduation, I have a job waiting for me as a full-time manufacturing engineer at Maud Borup.

My internship later became this full-time job offer. Last fall, I started my internship position as a manufacturing engineer with Maud Borup, and I have loved every minute of it! Maud Borup is a candy manufacturer, located in Le Center, Minnesota. The company is woman- and veteran-owned, and they focus on sustainability.

So, what am I doing at my internship? In manufacturing engineering, you have job responsibilities from problem-solving to office responsibilities. Sometimes, you fix different equipment using a toolbox and your hands. You also have the typical office setting responsibilities; this can involve designing a product or planning the production for a line set-up. Well, I have been doing all of these things mentioned, and I could not be more prepared to start my career as a manufacturing engineer. I have been using material learned in the classroom, but I have also used things I learned at my internship back in my courses as well.

In other words, I have been doing a lot since I started at Maud Borup, and it would be too much to mention it all. So, to go into more specifics, there are three things I want to share. The first thing is what was my first project. Another intern, Macee Reinardy, and I were assigned to set up and plan a production line for 14 different types of products. All the products were different types of bottles that needed to be filled with their designated candy, sealed, capped, labeled, and then final packaging. So far, when considering the production schedule, we have produced four different types of products on that line. I wanted to share a photo of the first prBaseball Gumballs (Our first project).jpgoduct we made, Baseball Gumballs. This product went through 5 different machines before being complete. When using this automated line, we did not need as much manual labor work as the company used to need to complete the same or work that we did not need, was instead used in other areas which would be more profitable for the company. With this said, a lot of responsibilities were expected of us interns, and we learned a lot through experimenting and setting up this production line thinking about the most cost and time-efficient solution for the company.

Another thing I gained from my internship – friends! Being an intern, you do not only gain knowledge in your field, but you also build an important network and meet new people. Macee is from Minnesota and has become a good friend to me. Introducing me to even more to the American culture! The last thing I want to mention is a super cool experience I had - a visit from the Macee and I.jpgWhite House and the U.S. labor secretary. Macee and I got to meet with him and show him the production line mentioned above. This is defiantly something that I will remember for the rest of my life! And I do not believe many people can say that they had a visit from the White House at their internship.

This internship has not only prepared me for my career as a manufacturing engineer but also equipped me with knowledge and a job offer after graduation. It has also given me memories and friends for life. I am so grateful for this opportunity. And to whoever is still seeking their unique internship - do not give up believing in yourself, and maybe you will have a visit from the White House in the near future too.


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