MGA Blog: Life During Summer

September 09, 2021 |

Written by Emmanuel Nwogo, Nigeria

Good old summer. Last summer was my first at Minnesota State Mankato. It was filled with so many activities, that I did not realize how quickly it came and went. Over the summer, I took three courses and got a job on-campus with residential life. No doubt, my summer was busy and yet absorbing. 

“That’s a lot”, people told me. And as you might imagine, I also discerned it could be a lot. But, during the Spring 2021 semester, I didn’t take enough courses, in part because it was not offered. Since I am a mechanical engineering major, I knew the course load was heavy, so I had to account for the Spring semester and perhaps lighten my future course load. It’s always advisable for you to review you major’s full plan and have a tentative guide on how you would complete it, from start to finish. Also, having some work experience plays a significant part in kicking off your career with a good foundation. That, among other things, drove my decision to take classes and work on campus simultaneously.    

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After the summer break, one is always confronted with the question, “how is your summer”? Put simply, mine was fantastic. Public Speaking, Logic and Critical Thinking and Perspective on Technology. Those were the courses I took over the summer. Just reading these titles is stimulating. Especially Perspectives on Technology. Do you know that the microwave was invented by accident? Now that’s a perfect research topic. Then there was on-campus employment. Though it was physical work, the experience I gained was worth it. It was my first formal job, and I must say, the skills I derived set me up for the positions I now occupy. Plus, you get to earn some money, which will further enhance your money management skills.

Finally, I could participate in various physical activities. Generally, I love engaging in sporting activities. During the summer, I could spend more time with these activities than I did during the regular semester. Which was fun, and beneficial to my health and mental wellbeing. Also, I got a bike over the summer, so I biked at least twice a week. In the first weeks, I biked around the university, especially to areas I did not usually visit. I never knew the university was that big.  


There are a ton of activities available during the summer. Hence, it is needless for one to sit at home and be bored throughout the summer, meanwhile are activities waiting for your utilization. The more involved you are during the summer, the better prepared you are, mentally and physically, for the following semester. Summer is a season to be enjoyed, relish it. 


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