Co-curricular Success at Minnesota State Mankato

Lamees is a senior from Egypt who believes in the power of University co-curricular activities.

June 01, 2021 |

My name is Lamees Hamed, an international student from Egypt and a Maverick Global Ambassador at Minnesota State University, Mankato. I am currently a senior majoring in civil engineering with a minor in business administration. Through the years at Minnesota State Mankato, I was able to grow in my career by staying involved on campus.  

Looking back at my experiences, I believe joining the Society of Women Engineers (SWE) on campus tremendously helped my progress in my career! SWE is a global organization that empowers women in the STEM field and advocates for diversity and inclusion. After joining the SWE section at Minnesota State Mankato for two years, I was able to grow into the president position during my senior year.

Joining a Recognized Student Organization (RSO) not only means you get to attend awesome events, but it also helps one make connections with professionals, develop a support system, open up to professional development opportunities, and helps one grow their personal and professional skills. SWE has also given me the opportunity to join their annual national conference and meetimage0y3m9.png employers from all over the nation that I would not have been fortunate enough to meet if I were not involved.  

After my involvement in SWE, I was able to get connected to programs that targeted leadership and professional development. Since then, I was able to use these skills in the workplace and be recognized for my leadership skills such as being elected to lead one of the senior design capstone projects.  

Another experience that greatly helped me be career-ready is being involved in faculty research. I had the opportunity to work as a research assistant during my junior year examining trouble areas on the road where ice caused the greatest fatalities and affected the safety of its users. This research gave me the opportunity to expand my knowledge in the field, be part of research that could potentially benefit the community, and was a great point of interest during conversations with potential employers.  SWE Tabling.jpg

Lamees promoting SWE events on campus with a fellow organization member. 

Lastly, having the opportunity to be a Maverick Global Ambassador has given me the chance to expand my communication and personal skills which helps me better represent my strengths at work. Through creating social media content and connecting with prospective students, I was able to be more comfortable expressing myself and have learned many methods of communication that could help me work better with different communication styles seen in the workplace.  

All these experiences would have not been possible without the continuous aid Minnesota State University, Mankato provides its students. Faculty, mentors, and advisors continuously push students to get involved providing many different opportunities depending on your field of interest. These experiences have made me able to land opportunities that I would never have thought possible. I plan to carry these lessons into my future jobs and better represent my strengths, leadership, and communication skills that I have acquired from my experiences.  

MGA team.jpg

Maverick Global Ambassador team at the last meeting of the year.

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