Program Highlights

Highlights of some students studying abroad.

CIEE Summer Arabic Language Program in Amman, Jordan Summer 2019

Dunia Tesfaye"My time spent in Amman, Jordan was overwhelming, surprising and exciting. Doing intensive Arabic was daunting, but traveling within Jordan, and exploring the Middle East made me forget how hard it was. I would definitely go back if given the chance,"
Dunia Tesfaye

MNSU Estudio Sampere - Spanish Language Study in Costa Rica Summer 2019

Corinne Koffi"While in Costa Rica, I made the absolute most of my experience. I travelled and saw a lot of the wonderful things the country has to offer. I was able to hike a volcano, go surfing, and learn how to dance bachata! What made my time in Costa Rica exceptional was the people that I got the opportunity to know."
Corinne Koffi

KEI in Dublin, Ireland: Griffith College Dublin Spring 2019

Isabella Taylor"Studying abroad taught me so much about not only myself, but also the world around me in a way learning in a classroom ever could have. It was the most amazing and invaluable experience for me and I think everyone should have the opportunity to go abroad. I wish every day that I could go back to Ireland!"
Isabella Taylor

AIFS Study Abroad in Florence, Italy Fall 2019

Jenna Holman"Studying abroad brought so many amazing opportunities for me and I am beyond grateful for everything I have experienced. I have strengthened my people skills and personal development, learned to be more independent and seen things I never imagined I would get the chance to see. I will forever cherish the time I spent in Florence, Italy bringing those memories with me to impact my life as long as I live."
Jenna Holman