Incomplete (“I”) Grades

Definition of Incomplete Grades

The grade of “Incomplete” is reserved for special cases and means that, because of extenuating circumstances, the student failed to meet an important requirement of the course but has in other respects done passing work for the semester. The definition and procedure are available in the University Grading Policy.

The Incomplete grade is recommended for students who have extenuating circumstances based on COVID-19.


If you determine, after discussion with the student, that an Incomplete grade is warranted, create and sign an “Incomplete Contract” that specifies the work to be done and the deadline for submitting it for grading. The Incomplete Contract is now an electronic form. 

  • The student starts the process by logging in to and choosing “create.”
  • The student enters the information regarding the Incomplete request and then clicks “submit” to send the request to the instructor.
  • You can approve or deny the request for an Incomplete grade.
  • If you approve the request, enter the information about the work to be completed and the timeframe.
  • Send the contract back to the student.
  • The Incomplete Contract is archived in the electronic grading system. It will be available to the student, instructor, department chair, and academic dean.

The student must complete the course requirements by the end of the following semester unless you set a shorter time limit. For courses in Spring semester, the following semester is Fall.

You may require the student to attend the same course in a subsequent term in order to complete the “important requirement of the course that needs to be completed to determine the final assigned grade.” In no other instances is a student allowed to attend a course without registering for it.

Students completing an Incomplete should not re-register for the same class.

Students completing an Incomplete cannot use these credits for enrollment or financial aid purposes in subsequent terms.

WARNING: Never post an Incomplete grade without consulting the student.  If the student has not consented to an Incomplete grade and completed the Incomplete Contract, post the grade that the student earned at the end of the semester to avoid potential problems in the future. 

How to prevent Incomplete Grades from converting to F or NC

If the student has not completed the course requirements by the end of the following semester (or the shorter deadline stated in the contract), or if a grade change is not posted, the Incomplete will automatically convert to an F or NC.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the deadline to convert Incomplete grades to F or NC for Fall 2019 has been extended to Fall 2020.  

To prevent an Incomplete grade from converting to F or NC, work with your students to get the remaining coursework completed and then submit a grade change via E-services.

Instructors, department chairs, and academic deans can view Incomplete Grades, Incomplete Contracts, In Progress grades, grade changes and missing grades for present and past semesters via the electronic grading system


Questions concerning in Incomplete grades should be directed to the Office of the Registrar via the Maverick OneStop at

The University Grading Policy is available at