Emerging Researchers Upperclass Honors Learning Community

Complete an interdisciplinary research project and fulfill your Honors Research Competency!

Fall Courses

  • HONR 401: Interdisciplinary Undergraduate Research (variable credits)
    • Dr. Leah White & Ms. Ginny Walters
      • NOTE: This "online" course includes mandatory research team meetings. Days and times for these meetings will be determined by students & instructors at the beginning of the semester.

Spring Courses

  • HONR 499: Independent Study (variable credit)
    • Dr. Leah White & Ms. Ginny Walters

  • HONR 499: HONR 401: Science in Context: Leadership, Culture and Debates in the History of Science (3 credits)
    • Dr. Christopher Corley (History) & Dr. Tom Brown (Physics)

Meet the Faculty

Dr. Leah White

Ginny Walters

Learning Community Coordinator