Rachel Rana, Essence of Nursing LCC

Email: rachel.rana@mnsu.edu

Hello… I’m your LCC, Rachel Rana!
I am so excited to meet all of you this fall! I will be a resource for you as you navigate through your second year of college at MNSU, Mankato! I am thrilled to help you all work your way into the Nursing program and to have success with all you plan to do this year! The (sophomore) Essence of Nursing Learning Community will help you in your classes these next two semesters and build friendships with the other students in the LC. I hope you all will reach out to me during the year as a resource and as a friend to help you make it through the year!

Major: Nursing, Spanish

How/what made you decide these majors?
Nursing- Since I was little, I have always loved medicine/science, when I started working in an assisted living facility as well as taking care of my grandpa during his passing had grown my interest in nursing! I am super excited to be starting the program this fall!
Spanish- I have been speaking and studying Spanish for the last 16 years, so it just made sense for me to get a Degree in Spanish to complement my future as a nurse!

Year in School: 3nd Year (starting 4rd in the fall)

Hometown: Woodbury, MN

Favorite Food: Ice cream, chocolate, or grilled chicken pesto pasta!

Advice for LC Students: Work with others to understand the material, don’t be afraid to ask for help, get involved with RSOs/clubs that interest you, and don’t get too wrapped up in studying all the time. Make sure to take time for yourself to relax and have fun sometimes!

The smartest thing you ever did/best decision you ever made: Getting involved with things that I love to do around campus and spending my free time with my friends that I have made here! I would also say that one of the best things that I have done is, studying abroad to finish my Spanish Degree!

Favorite thing about MNSU: The friends that I have made here, the hockey games, and going to Zumba class – I love to dance!

Campus/LC Involvement: I will be an LCC in the fall (in my second year in this role), I used to be a Community Advisor in McElroy, I am the President for the MNSU Honor Society, I am involved with the Spanish club, Student Nurses Association, Student Ambassadors (MNSU Tour Guide), and a RSO on campus called Students Advocating for Global Health.

Favorite thing to do in Mankato: Go to ice cream shops, go to hockey games, or go hammocking with my friends on sunny days.

Favorite things to do outside of school/coursework: I’m hooked on the show Grey’s Anatomy and The Good Doctor, I love hammocking, dancing, spending time with my dog, family, and friends!

Anything else we should know about you? I love to help wherever I am needed, I love to travel, and a medical mystery about me – I am the only person in my immediate/extended family with blue eyes!

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