Law Enforcement POST Preparation Certificate


This certificate is for students who already have a Bachelor's degree in any discipline who want to meet the education requirements to become a licensed peace officer in the State of Minnesota. The successful completion of the curriculum in the certificate, along with the successful completion of the clinical skills component, will allow students to be eligible to take the Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST) examination for licensing.

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Program Requirements

Major Common Core

The course provides a survey of the institutions and processes of the criminal justice system with an emphasis on the role of law enforcement agencies in a free society. Political theories of justice are explored with theories of crime causation.

Prerequisites: none

Goal Areas: GE-05

The history and development of criminal law procedures and their application by law enforcement.

Prerequisites: none


he course focuses on the psychological aspects of law enforcement from the perspectives of communication, interpersonal relations, and officer safety. The course will have required accompanying readings and the materials which, along with the classroom interaction, should provide the student with a solid foundation to build effective communications and to start to prepare the student psychologically for a career as a law enforcement officer. This course also has a writing intensive requirement that involves drafting, editing, and reviewing written assignments.

Prerequisites: none