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Completion of the Minnesota Transfer Curriculum fulfills the General Education requirement for any Minnesota public institution. Students transferring with a completed Minnesota Transfer Curriculum will satisfy Minnesota State Mankato’s General Education requirement. Completion of goal areas within the Minnesota Transfer Curriculum will be accepted as completion of that same goal area at Minnesota State Mankato. Individual competencies will be evaluated and transferred on a course-by-course basis. Students transferring from Minnesota State Mankato to another Minnesota public institution of higher education will have fulfilled the Minnesota Transfer Curriculum if they have completed 40 credits of required courses in the following ten goal areas: Communication, Critical Thinking, Natural Science, Mathematical/ Logical Reasoning, History and the Social and Behavioral Sciences, Humanities and the Arts, Human Diversity, Global Perspective, Ethical and Civic Responsibility, and People and the Environment. Goal areas 11-13 are part of the General Education curriculum at Minnesota State Mankato but not goal areas in the Minnesota Transfer Curriculum.


  1. A total of 44 credits must be completed to satisfy the General Education program at Minnesota State Mankato.
  2. Students transferring with the Minnesota Transfer Curriculum completed will be considered to have completed the Minnesota State Mankato General Education requirements.
  3. While included in General Education at Minnesota State Mankato, goal areas 11, 12, and 13 are not part of the Minnesota Transfer Curriculum.
  4. A single course may be placed in more than one goal area. Each credit in any of these courses, however, may be counted only once in meeting the 44 credits requirement.
  5. The Critical Thinking Goal Area 2 may be satisfied either by taking a course or by the satisfactory completion of the other General Education goal areas.
  6. In each goal area where two courses are required (i.e., 3, 5, and 6), students are required to take courses from different disciplines.
  7. For Bachelor of Science degrees in Electrical, Civil, Computer, Integrated or Mechanical Engineering, and the Nursing degree, general education requirements differ. See the program requirements for a detailed explanation of general education coursework for these degree programs.
  8. The General Education requirements of the Associate of Arts degree are the same as for the Bachelor’s degree.
  9. General Education courses that also satisfy the Diverse Cultures graduation requirement as either a Purple or Gold course are identified by a “P “ for Purple and a “G” for Gold.
  10. General Education courses that also satisfy the Writing Intensive graduation requirement are identified by a “W” for Writing Intensive.
  11. Some general education courses may also be required courses for your major. Please consult your advisor for information about the general education courses you may need to take specifically for your major degree. 

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