Entrepreneurship and Innovation Minor


The minor is designed to expose, engage and support students in thinking and experiencing the processes, challenges, and opportunities associated with the interdisciplinary and team-based nature of beginning a new venture. 

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Program Requirements


The accounting process, financial statement preparation, and analysis. Includes the accounting cycle, asset, liability, and equity accounting. Emphasis on the use of accounting data.

Prerequisites: MATH 112 or MATH 115or MATH 121 or MATH 130 or MATH 181

BUS 397 is an applied course that entails developing, launching, managing, and closing a business with the cohort of students enrolled in the class. Students write and present a business plan as they seek financing for their start-up company. The business start-up experience creates a real-world context in which students can practice the concepts introduced in MGMT 330, MRKT 310, and FINA 362. BUS 397 is part of the United Prairie Bank Integrated Business Experience, and students must enroll concurrently in BUS 397 and sections of FINA 362, MGMT 330, and MRKT 310 that are designated for IBE students.

Prerequisites: Must be admitted to a major.

An introduction to finance relating to problems, methods, and policies in financing business enterprise.

Prerequisites: ACCT 200, Jr. Standing

This course examines basic management concepts and principles, their historical development, and their application to modern organizations. Topics covered include planning, organizing, decision making, leadership, control, and organizational change. In addition, the course includes an introduction to business ethics and social responsibility, human resource management, organizational design and organizational behavior.

Prerequisites: none

This course is designed to develop a students personal creativity and help a student identify the process of organizational innovation. The course is comprised of a combination of short lecture, in-class discussion of readings and videos, writing assignments, an elevator pitch and group activities.

Prerequisites: none

The course is an active learning course where students are immersed in the process of starting a new enterprise. In managing their entrepreneurial projects, students conceptualize and develop business plans that include self-assessment, industry and market analyses, a marketing plan, human resource management, and financial analyses and projections. Students have contact with business professionals and entrepreneurs via field trips, guest speakers, and entrepreneurial networking events.

Prerequisites: none

This course provides a basic understanding of marketing concepts with emphasis on the pricing, promotion, and distribution of need satisfying products and services in domestic and international markets. The format of the course consists of lectures, case discussions, application exercises, projects, exams, and in-class group assignments.

Prerequisites: none