Corrections Minor

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Program Requirements


Examines the making of criminal law, the evolution of policing, the adjudication of persons accused of criminal law violations, and the punishment of adult offenders.

Prerequisites: none

Goal Areas: GE-05, GE-09

Diverse Cultures: Purple

Introduction to academic concepts and issues in corrections, with emphasis on student professional development. The course includes a 50-hour service learning component to be completed outside of class. Correction majors should take this course as early as possible.

Prerequisites: CORR 106 and SOC 101 

A critical consideration of definitions of juvenile delinquency, emphasis on micro and macro level of struggle in which delinquent behavior takes place, critique of current theories on delinquency, and the juvenile justice response to delinquency.

Prerequisites: none

Goal Areas: GE-05, GE-09

Deviance & Crime - Choose 3 Credit(s).

Sociological perspective on social deviance; overview of theoretical approaches; emphasis on symbolic interactionism; issues of social control; research examples and policy implications.

Prerequisites: SOC 101 

A critical consideration of myths concerning crime, perspectives on crime and their assumptions, current criminology theory, and construction of alternative explanations related to crime.

Prerequisites: SOC 101 

Restricted Electives

Required Electives for Minor - Choose 12 Credit(s).

Prerequisites: none