Conflict Communication and De-escalation - Customized Training Opportunity

While conflict is part of everyday life and occurs naturally, understanding the process and your own role within it, will help conflict not escalate into a potentially violent situation. 


  • Understand your natural tendencies in dealing with conflict
  • Identify and understand why conflict occurs and escalates
  • Recognize the levels of conflict as they develop, and relate to your workplace
  • Learn basic conflict intervention and resolution skills
  • Identify when a mediator may be necessary, and how that process is implemented in your workplace
  • Learn a three-step approach for mediating conflicts
  • Gain confidence in your abilities to help others resolve conflicts


Lynn Kuechle is the Coordinator of the Glen Taylor Nursing Institute for Family and Society at Minnesota State Mankato. She has a Master's of Arts Degree in Communications Studies and taught at Minnesota State University, Mankato for 4 years prior to joining the Institute. Lynn is also a certified instructor for CPI (crisis prevention institute).

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